Have you heard the song complicated? How about Sk8er Boi, girlfriend? Of course you have! Who has not? Avril Lavigne Ramona is an icon of the entertainment industry and has left its mark, proving its individual style both in music and style has made him what he is a legend today. Although many with Lettering they are quickly agree as a legend, I say, for someone so young to have made a huge mark in the industry, having started the whole trend of Tank Top and Tie, must be something of good.

He was in the city of Belleville, Ontario, Canada September 27, 1984 born, but moved to the small town of Napanee five years later with their parents. Then she moved to New York with her older brother, because he, he decided to pursue a career in singing, which comes as no surprise why has undeniably a beautiful voice that sings really wanted to pursue. Even before he began his talent through during her concert in Ontario in 1998, appearing alongside Shania Twain show and was in 1999, when the local folk singer Steve Medd was his contribution to his voice on his song Touch the Sky which has led to sing gospel songs, such as Temple of Life.

On 4 June 2002, he released his debut album Let Go, which of the famous super hit Complicated, has been a music video for him and won an MTV Video Music Award in 2002, I remember just this exact segment during the presentation of the award, it was then that I began to wonder: Who is this girl and she really likes her music?. He launched two albums since then, Under My Skin and The Best Damn Thing. Its now create in the works, their fourth studio album. She also played in a few sitcoms and films, such as Fast Food Nation in 2006 and The Flock in the year of 2007.